Who we are

Hi! We are Murray and Jamie Litwiller, the owners of Elevation Coffee Roasters. We live and roast coffee in Vale, Oregon. Murray is a full time arborist, and he helps roast coffee when he has time! We love the outdoors and are always planning another adventure. Our passion is roasting good coffee, and taking it with us whether we’re working or playing.

Why elevation coffee?

Elevation Coffee began as Elevation 4148 Coffee Roasters owned by Kyle and Lynette Mastre. They decided to sell the business to pursue other opportunities in another location. My husband Murray had helped Kyle do some roasting previously, so it wasn’t a completely new idea to us! Having bought all of our coffee from Kyle in the past we decided to change the name to Elevation Coffee Roasters and move it to Vale, Oregon. We also changed the logo. We wanted something unique to us, so Murray sat down one evening and drew it up! Another change is we named the coffees, rather than just selling by origin. We are hoping this will make it easier for you to choose what you might like, and also help us stand out from other coffees! You’ll notice a few other changes as we go along. The bags will look different, and we’re wanting to get some merchandise to sell also! We are excited to be selling coffee, and we hope you choose ours to “fuel your adventures!”